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Most Popular Colours For Your Bedroom

Best Colours for Your Bedroom to create a serene, relaxing environment.
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On average, we spend 11 hours a day laying in bed, that’s almost half our life! Depending on what “feeling” you’re going for or how dark you need your room to sleep, there are many different colours you can choose from. 

Light Neutrals 

The most popular bedroom colours are light neutrals. Light neutrals are a classic choice and make your bedroom feel open, airy and serene. Neutrals are a great choice if you’re someone who likes to change up your bedding often as you can match neutrals with far more colours; you can either keep your bedding and accents neutral, or, you can take into account the underlying tone of the neutral to match more vivid colours. Neutrals are often mixed with other subtle hues such as pink, blue, yellow or brown, so, you’ll want to determine the undertone to properly match your bedroom accessories. You’ll also want to take into consideration the undertone when choosing a paint colour, warm tones make you feel cozy and cool toned make you feel more relaxed. 

Popular neutrals are ivory, taupe, gray and white. 


Pastels are not just for spring, they bring a soft, peaceful ambience to your room. The best part about pastels is that you can use more than one in the same room. When choosing the right pastel for your room, take into account the warmth or coolness of your furniture and match accordingly. Warm pastels should be matched with warm browns, greys and warm neutrals while cool pastels should be matched with cool greys, blues and cool neutrals. When deciding on which pastels to put together, don’t forget to check out the colour wheel to see which pastels go together. 

Bold Colours

Some people prefer their room to have a bit more “oomph”, if you are one of those people, you might want to go with a bold colour. Depending on what you’re going for, you may or may not want to paint all your walls the bold colour. Dark colours will make your room darker at night, helping you sleep. However, if it’s a small room, you may feel boxed in. Since bedrooms are supposed to make you feel relaxed, you’ll want to avoid bright bold colours and stick to more tranquil colours like blue-grey, deep greens, charcoal, or deep violets. 

When choosing which wall to accent, most people choose the wall that their bed is on. In long, narrow rooms, you will want to paint the long wall in order to accentuate that wall. 

Popular colour schemes

Charcoal, light grey and gold accents

Charcoal, light grey and gold accents
Warm Cream with off white accents, plants and medium brown furniture 
Deep peach with browns, creams and light wood furniture 
Pale Blue with white and dark muted Blue and cool toned brown furniture
Lilac with deep purple and off-white 
Light Grey with black and gold accents
Olive green, warm browns and white accents and deep brown furniture 
Deep Muted Blue with white furniture and charcoal 
Dusty Rose with cream, plum and medium wood Furniture 
Sage green with grey, charcoal and white