It’s patio season!
Let’s bring back the spark
to your backyard this Summer.

It’s patio season! Let’s bring back the spark to your home’s backyard this Summer.
Whether your fence, shed, deck or all three needs to be stained, Revivify’s Team is ready to help. 

Don’t let peeling paint or worn off stain on your deck put a damper on the good times this year.

The Revivify Painting experts will take care of all the dirty work; we start by scraping and sanding all the debris and buildup on the surface. Once we have a blank canvas to work with, we paint or stain to bring back the spark to your outdoor oasis.

Painting and staining are part of proper maintenance for wood structures such as decks and fences. Upkeeping wood structures with paint and stain help protect against moisture damage and rot from years of exposure.

Let the professionals at Revivify come bring your backyard back to life!

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Initial inspection

During the initial inspection point out any holes and damage to your Project lead.

Get ready

Before your Revivify team arrives, remove any wall hangings, outdoor furniture and other moveable items from the workspace.

Hard at work

Your Revivify painting crew will arrive right on time and ready to dive in, quickly unloading the van and prepping the area.

Sit back and relax

It’s that easy. Make a snack or catch some Zs, we’ve got the rest covered.

Need something else done?

Our team can handle it.

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We can help bring back the spark to your home’s exterior!