Many people underestimate
the impact of a fresh coat
of paint for your ceiling

At Revivify, we have noticed that one of the most overlooked parts of a painting Project is your home’s ceiling! Many people underestimate the impact of a fresh coat of paint for your ceiling; it can drastically brighten up a room, make it appear larger and manipulate low-light conditions.

Freshen up the appearance of a room without changing the colour of your walls by updating your ceiling paint.

Have a textured ceiling that needs updating? Heighten and brighten the look of your home with professionally painted ceilings that eliminate the look of shadowing or create a polished look by scraping, sanding, and mudding your ceiling to reveal a smooth finish.

Want to talk about your options? Call a Revivify professional today for advice or to book a free estimate!

Let’s bring back the spark together!


Initial inspection

During the initial inspection point out any holes, damage or texture to your Project lead.

Get ready

Before your Revivify team arrives, remove any wall hangings, furniture and other moveable objects from the workspace.

Hard at work

Your Revivify painting crew will arrive right on time and ready to dive in, quickly unloading the van and prepping the area.

Sit back and relax

It’s that easy. Make a snack or catch some Zs, we’ve got the rest covered.

Need something else done?

Our team can handle it.

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