Small scratch or massive hole, our drywall
repair team can make almost any damage
virtually invisible

Are we booked to paint your home already? No need to worry – our preparation process before painting always starts with identifying any imperfections and repairs needed to your home’s walls and ceilings. We then repair any divots, holes, and damage before getting started on painting!

All our painting Projects include basic prep for all surfaces to ensure proper paint application and a lasting finish. If you have extensive drywall work to be completed, call now to book a free, no-obligation estimating visit.

Revivify also offers services to refinish certain surfaces of your home such as popcorn ceilings and other texture effects.

Removing texture from the walls and ceilings of your home can help create a sleek and refined appearance. Creating a smooth finish on your ceilings can help increase the look of the room and the height of the ceilings.

Call us today to discuss your upcoming home improvement Project!


Initial inspection

During the initial inspection point out any holes and damage to your Project lead.

Get ready

Before your Revivify team arrives, remove your wall hangings and furniture from the workspace.

Hard at work

Your drywall repair crew will arrive right on time and ready to dive in, quickly unloading the van and prepping the area.

Sit back and relax

It’s that easy. Make a snack or catch some Zs, we’ve got the rest covered.

Need something else done?

Our team can handle it.

Ceiling Painting

Revivify Painting

Whether your ceiling is looking dated or it’s showing old water damage, you can count on us to cover it.

Wall Stenciling

Revivify Painting

Wall stenciling is a great way to add dimension, art, and interest to your home’s surfaces!

Spray Painting

Revivify Painting

Revive your cabinets and other interior items with a premium spray finish!