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Most Popular Colours For Each Season

Do you have a favourite season? Paint your home so you can enjoy the feeling of that season all year long.
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When choosing new paint colours, some people like to choose palettes based on their favourite Seasons. We’ve put together a list of colours and colour palettes to help you design your next paint job so you can feel like you’re forever living in your favourite season. 


Yellow brings a feeling of happiness and cheer and is best used in small doses, which makes it the perfect accent colour in small rooms. Whether it’s a small accent wall, a lamp, or, a pillow, yellow is a great way to brighten up the space and have you feeling happy all day long. 

Light grey brings a feeling of calmness and steadiness. When styled correctly, it can be used with various pops of colour making it easy to transition from season to season. 

Blush has been one of the most popular colours since 2016. Not only is it versatile, but it’s a great way to add warmth to a room without going overboard. 

Blue reminds us of being outdoors and works best paired with white and green. Due to it’s hue, blue can be used in so many ways and unlike yellow, doesn’t have to be kept to small doses.

Sky blue is another cheerful colour, reminding people of the sunny, bright sky. Sky blue is versatile as it can be used in small or large accents. 

Pastel colours are what most people think of when they think of springtime colours. They mimic the outdoors without being too over-powering.  

Coral is an invigorating colour due to its richness and brightness. It works great in small spaces to not only brighten the room, but to make the room look larger. 



Green reminds us of fields, tropical trees and forests, making it the perfect colour for summer. It is perfect used as an accent or the main colour due to its versatility of it’s different shades and boldness. 

Peach with a slight pink hue brings out a feeling of happiness and makes the room feel “fun”. Since it’s not overpowering it is a great colour to paint an entire room. 

Bright red paint is used to make a statement, but don’t over-use it. The most popular way to use red is on doors. 

Soft blue brings out feelings of relaxation. Painting an entire room in soft blue can create a calm space, much like being at the beach.

Deep royal blue gives off a cool vibe, and like soft blue, reminds us of being at the beach. 

Orange (Melon) is great to use in many different shades, but, a light orange can be used to paint an entire room to bring out feelings of vitality and happiness. 

Blue-Greens (Teal) remind us of the Caribbean sea, swimming in crystal clear waters, which makes it a popular colour for cottages. 

Blush, again, is a great, versatile colour and can be used in both spring and summer palettes. 



Pumpkin Orange brings feelings of energy while also being cozy and reminds us of the changing colour of the leaves making it the perfect autumn colour. 

Warm grey brings together a contemporary, cozy space without being too dark and closing up the room. 

Deep red is another colour that makes you feel cozy due to it’s warm tones. It can be used as an accent but is best used to paint an entire room to get the full effect. 

Deep warm brown colours are timeless and remind us of sitting in a cozy coffee shop sipping on your favourite drink. Use this colour in your kitchen or office to bring cozy and modern together. 

Warm light neutrals are a great way to add warmth to a room while still keeping brightness if you’re not a fan of dark rooms.   

Navy blue is a dark, rich colour making it perfect for cozy rooms. It is also versatile, matching many other cozy colours such as maroon, orange, and olive green.

Olive green is another rich colour that is versatile. Together, navy blue, olive green and beige create a palette that is modern and cozy. 



Burgundy is a great colour for winter. It represents dahlias, junipers and cranberries that bloom in burgundy in the winter. This colour can be used as both a full room colour or an accent wall.

Golden yellow is the perfect way to add sunshine back into your life during the cold, dark months. Golden yellow is best used as an accent colour, be it pillows, blankets, or a small accent wall. 

Rust is an earthy colour that brings warmth to the room. Rust can be used for an entire room, a simple blanket, or a pillow and matches well with golden yellow and brown.

Brown brown is a timeless colour that not only brings warmth to the room, but instead of paint, you can incorporate brown wood to give the room more texture and character. 

Black is a great accent wall colour. A lot of people avoid black, but pairing it with white and gold can make a room look classy and cozy without being too dark. 

Navy Blue has become a trendy colour due to its versatility; it can be used as a simple accent wall or paint the entire room. It’s cozy, and blue hues bring feelings of calmness. 


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