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Sliding into Siding Painting Season

Summer is the best time to paint your siding!
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With Spring here and summer right around the corner, Revivify Painting is getting into the swing of things with our exterior painting season! Do you love your home but are ready for a change? Painting the exterior of your home can create a brand new look. 

One of our specialties is painting the siding on your house. Over-time, the colour of your siding can fade depending on weather, so, when it fades, we’re here to paint for you. Whether your siding is aluminum or vinyl, Revivify’s qualified team of experienced painters have the know-how and the skills to completely transform the outside of your home. 

Perks of painting your siding:

Durability: Using premium paint will help resist fading, cracking and peeling, meaning less upkeep over the years. 

Cost Effective: Repainting is significantly less than replacing vinyl siding. 

Colour customization: Revivify Painting has an extensive list of colours you can choose from to change up the look and feel of your home. 

Expertise: Revivify painting has a vast amount of knowledge on what kind of paint to use and how to properly paint your siding to account for the expansion and constriction of the siding from weather. 

Perks of painting aluminum siding

Cost Effective: Since aluminum siding turns chalky from weather exposure, the colour finish eventually fades away. Painting your siding allows you to save money so you don’t have to replace it. 

Aluminum siding takes paint better than it does to vinyl, meaning you have to paint it less. 

Aluminum siding doesn’t shrink or swell like other siding so you don’t have to worry about cracks or peeling. 

Have questions about painting your exterior? Don’t hesitate to reach out with any of your questions and a free, no obligation quote!